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Action for Boston Community Development

Action for Boston Community Development is the largest independent private non-profit human services agency in New England. They serve Boston through their unique network of 15 neighborhoods centering around the city. They are dedicated to overcoming poverty.

Action for Boston Community Development traces its roots back to 1961 when Boston Mayor Collins dedicated some charity funds to improve the quality of life for the city residents. Today many lower income families are helped by funding from ABCD. The staff at ABCD work to help the cities poorer residents received the kind of education and training so that they can lift themselves out of their poverty.

ABCD hosts an awards banquet each year to recognize those individuals who have demonstrated extraordinary care toward the lower income residents of the city. These volunteers are helping poorer individuals to become more independent. ABCD offers many services such as for finance and legal. The staff at ABCD are working towards helping the poor of the city have more of a voice.

Save the Children

Save the Children began in 1919 in London, England by sisters Eglantine Jebb and her sister Dorothy Buxton. They wanted to raise funds for wartime children who were experiencing poverty and famine. Over time they expanded their scope to meet the needs of poor children who were impacted by disaster areas and extreme poverty. Today they assists millions of children all over the world.

One way that Save the Children impacts the lives of the world's poor children is by sponsors. Many people have seen these heart wrenching television commercials showing poor children starving and asking for your sponsorship. Millions of dollars have been raised by this way and these funds are impacting lives in a direct way by providing meals and clothing and educational opportunities for the world's poor children.

Save the Children is known for being a well run organization. Over 90% of their revenues go directly to the world's poor children. The staff at Save the Children are quick to respond to any disaster that impacts children. Many of the children they care for are from the world's poorest countries and they depend on this food and clothing to survive. The staff at Save the Children are hard workers and they have dedicated their lives to helping the needs of the poor children around the world.

The Armenian Missionary Association of America

The Armenian Missionary Association of America began in 1918 in Worcester, MA as a response the armenian children who were suffering as a result of World War I. Today the AMAA is located in Paramus, NJ and they are reaching millions of children from 22 countries around the world.

The AMAA is an organization dedicated to the love of jesus christ. They provide evangelical, educational, social services and child care to children. They have a number of programs such as summer camps, the milk fund, child care, churches and missions and child sponsorship. The AMAA has an executive direction and a field worker and an office administrator. They have built churches and orphanages to care for the spiritual and child care needs of these poor children.

Many people support the AMAA with financial gifts and by sponsoring a child. These children do not have adequate housing and health care and they all benefit from programs sponsored by the AMAA. The AMAA has built a number of these facilities in both armenia and around the middle east. These summer camps have been successful in bringing these children into the saving knowledge of knowing jesus christ as personal lord and savior.